Often asked: How can i get rid of my timeshare legally?

What is the average cost to get out of a timeshare?

Costs to Get Out of a Timeshare

On average, it costs about $5,000 to $6,000 and takes 12–18 months to get out of your timeshare contract using a timeshare exit company. But the cost and the timeframe can vary depending on a number of factors including, how many contracts are attached to your timeshare.

What happens if you stop paying on your timeshare?

If you stop paying it, the timeshare company will do whatever it takes to collect. They‘ll make phone calls and send letters, then they‘ll assign it over to (you guessed it) a collections company. If you still don’t pay, the situation sinks even further into foreclosure and possible legal action against you.

How can I get out of my timeshare myself?

How to Get out of a Timeshare

  1. See If You Can Cancel Your Contract.
  2. Sell Your Timeshare Yourself.
  3. Sell Your Timeshare Through A Broker.
  4. Give or Sell Your Timeshare Back to the Resort.
  5. Give Your Timeshare Away for Free.
  6. Hire an Attorney.
  7. Rent Out Your Timeshare.

How can I get out of my timeshare in Canada?

How to Get Out of a Timeshare

  1. Check Your Timeshare Contract. Many timeshare contracts contain a retraction or rescission period.
  2. See if the Company Will Buy it Back.
  3. See if the Company Will Take it Back for Free.
  4. Sell Your Timeshare.
  5. Give Your Timeshare Away.
  6. You’re Stuck With One Company.
  7. You May Not Use It.
  8. They Cost a LOT.

Can you just walk away from a timeshare?

You can‘t just walk away from a timeshare. That’s because they often come with an obligation to pay maintenance fees for as long as you own them. It says 85 percent of timeshare owners who go to contract regret their purchase.

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Can you refuse to inherit a timeshare?

If you are either left a timeshare in a will or are the legal heir of someone who owned a timeshare and died without a will, you may choose to refuse to accept your inheritance. In legal terms, this is generally called “renunciation of property.”

Can timeshare ruin your credit?

When it comes to credit, a timeshare is risk without reward. Timely payments on your timeshare won’t show up on your credit report and help improve your credit history, unless your timeshare company reports to the major credit bureaus. However, a timeshare foreclosure can drive down your score.

Why is it so hard to get out of a timeshare?

They were in a position with too many empty units. With no maintenance fees coming in, the resort is left responsible for its own unsold stock. Even though the timeshare resorts know it’s not good PR to not let people out of their timeshares they can’t afford to just let people go.

How can I get rid of my timeshare without damaging my credit?


  1. First, beg. Call your resort and make your case. Ask for their exit program.
  2. Second, sell. You can list your timeshare for less than $100 on a site like RedWeek.com.
  3. Third, third party. Turn to a licensed broker.
  4. Last, last resort. Hire an attorney.

Why RCI is a ripoff?

In reality, the RCI timeshare scam is well documented and has a very bad reputation within the timeshare community. Customers are locked into RCI and forced to pay large hidden fees, just like their timeshare contract. Massive deposits have to be put down for exchanges, unbeknown to customers until it is too late.

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How difficult is it to get out of a timeshare?

A University of Central Florida (UCF) study found that 85 percent of timeshare owners who go to contract regret their purchase. “Getting out of a timeshare is considerably more difficult than getting in,” says Lisa Ann Schreier, author of the book “Timeshare Vacations For Dummies.” “But it’s possible.”

Can you sell your timeshare back to the resort?

A deed back clause or program allows you to give your timeshare back to the resort. Until then, you remain responsible for paying the maintenance and special assessment fees along with your mortgage payments.

How do I get out of timeshare maintenance fees?

Looking to Get Out of a Timeshare? Here’s How to Do It Legally

  1. Call the developer.
  2. Rent it out.
  3. Sell it on the resale market (expect to take a hit).
  4. Gift it to a friend, family member or stranger.
  5. Stop your payments (but expect consequences).
  6. Avoid scams.

Who is the best timeshare exit company?

We found three reputable companies within the timeshare exit space and share them with you here.

  • Wesley Financial Group. Wesley Financial Group has operated since 2012.
  • EZ Exit Now. EZ Exit Now claims to help people exit their timeshares ethically, responsibly, affordably, fairly and quickly.
  • Resort Advisory Group.

How do I get out of a RCI timeshare?

Write a letter RCI to inform the company that you would like to cancel your RCI membership. Explain to RCI why you wish or need to cancel your membership. Include your name, RCI account number, your mailing address, email address and contact phone numbers.

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