Federal employee pension database

Can you look up federal employee salaries?

The database of individual federal employee salaries has recently been updated with the latest available data. … Filters are used to narrow a search for information in a database. Available filters are the fiscal year of the salary data, along with the employee’s name, location, agency, and occupation.

Are federal employee salaries public record?

What information about Federal employees is public information? Under open government laws specified in 5 U.S.C. § 552, the names, titles, and salaries of all civilian government employees are considered public information.

How do you look up someone’s salary?

These are some of the best tips:

  1. Do some online research. This should probably be the first step in your quest to find out someone’s salary. …
  2. Check public records. …
  3. Ask your mentor. …
  4. Ask a former colleague. …
  5. Offer to trade information.

How does federal employee pension work?

FERS is a retirement plan that provides benefits from three different sources: a Basic Benefit Plan, Social Security and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Two of the three parts of FERS (Social Security and the TSP) can go with you to your next job if you leave the Federal Government before retirement.

What is the highest paying federal job?

Here’s a countdown of the 10 best-paying federal government jobs, according to the online database FederalPay.org.

  1. Securities compliance examiner.
  2. Patent attorney. …
  3. Nurse anesthetist. …
  4. Administrative law judge. …
  5. Patent administrator. …
  6. Technical systems program manager. …
  7. General mathematician/statistician. …
  8. Chief engineer. …

Are federal jobs worth it?

Government jobs provide a combination of job security, quality health insurance and benefits that have become rare in private and nonprofit jobs. … But federal and many state and local government jobs still provide them. Even a government job that you do not want to stay in can be hugely valuable on your resume.

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Do federal employees get a bonus?

Bonuses: Recruitment bonuses are cash incentives up to 25 percent of base pay given to new employees for jobs that have been difficult to fill in the past. Relocation bonuses up to 25 percent may be paid for current Federal employees to relocate to a new commuting area. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Can you negotiate federal salary?

People frequently ask if it’s possible to negotiate a higher federal salary. The answer is yes, provided you have some basic information about government pay scales. Each government job has a salary range defined by steps within a pay grade.

What do FBI agents make?

Average Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent yearly pay in the United States is approximately $74,635, which is 9% above the national average. Salary information comes from 154 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

Are local government salaries public information?

While some governments provide full salary and benefit information for each public employee, many must be prompted to do so by Freedom of Information Requests. In these instances, local government salary data can best be found on third party websites.

Who owns glassdoor?

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

How do I calculate my work hours in a year?

Total Work Hours in a Year

To figure out how many hours are in a “work year,” multiply the number of work hours in a week by the number of weeks in a year. In other words, multiply a typical 40 hour work week by 52 weeks. That makes 2,080 hours in a typical work year.

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Do federal retirees pay for health insurance?

FERS and CSRS federal employee retirement benefits are generous, however they will cost you retirement dollars, especially for health and life insurance coverage. … You can also continue life insurance coverage and if you participated in the Thrift Savings plan you have many withdrawal options to consider.

How much does a GS 13 make in retirement?

If he retires with 30 years of service, his FERS basic retirement will provide 30 percent of his high-three average salary. He’s been at the GS 13-10 level for the past three years. His current salary is $113,007.

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