Question: What does a client do when it has udp datagrams to send?

What happens if the first packet of an TFTP transfer is lost?

What happens if the first packet of a TFTP transfer is lost? The TFTP application will retry the request if a reply is not received.

What are two characteristics of TCP?

Characteristics of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).

  • Stream Data transfer: Applications working at the Application Layer transfers a contiguous stream of bytes to the bottom layers.
  • Reliability: The most important feature of TCP is reliable data delivery.

What does UDP do when receiving messages that are more than one datagram in length?

What does UDP do when receiving messages that are more than one datagram in length? UDP reassembles that data in the order it was received and passes it to the application. TCP will normally retransmit lost data from the last successful acknowledgement.

What happens if part of an FTP message is not delivered?

What happens if part of an FTP message is not delivered to the destination? The message is lost because FTP does not use a reliable delivery method. The FTP source host sends a query to the destination host. The part of the FTP message that was lost is re-sent.

What characteristics are part of TCP?


  • The key benefits and characteristics of TCP/IP. TCP/IP has a number of benefits.
  • Connection oriented data transfer via TCP. Unlike connectionless UDP (User Datagram Protocol), TCP connections are end-to-end connections with full-duplex data transfer.
  • Higher level protocols built on TCP protocols.

What is the characteristics of UDP?

The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is a very basic and simple protocol on top of the IP protocol. It was developed to allow for very simple data transmission without any error detection of any kind, and it is stateless.

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What are the characteristics of TCP and UDP?

Difference between TCP and UDP

It is a connection-oriented protocol. It is a connectionless protocol.
TCP reads data as streams of bytes, and the message is transmitted to segment boundaries. UDP messages contain packets that were sent one by one. It also checks for integrity at the arrival time.

Does UDP use IP?

UDP uses IP to get a datagram from one computer to another. UDP works by gathering data in a UDP packet and adding its own header information to the packet. This data consists of the source and destination ports to communicate on, the packet length and a checksum.

What is the main advantage of UDP?

What is the main advantage of UDP? Explanation: As UDP does not provide assurance of delivery of packet, reliability and other services, the overhead taken to provide these services is reduced in UDP’s operation. Thus, UDP provides low overhead, and higher speed.

Where is UDP used?

UDP is commonly used for applications that are “lossy” (can handle some packet loss), such as streaming audio and video. It is also used for query-response applications, such as DNS queries.

What is an advantage of SMB over FTP?

SMB allows the connecting device to access resources as if they were on the local client device. SMB and FTP use the TCP protocol for connection establishment and they can transfer data in both directions.

What is the primary purpose of Nat?

It enables private IP networks that use unregistered IP addresses to connect to the Internet. NAT operates on a router, usually connecting two networks together, and translates the private (not globally unique) addresses in the internal network into legal addresses, before packets are forwarded to another network.

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Which protocol is used by a client to communicate securely with a Web server?

SSL uses a combination of public key encryption and private key encryption and other cryptographic functions to secure a connection between two machines, typically a web server or mail server and a client system, communicating over the internet or another TCP/IP network.

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