Quick Answer: When does arrow return?

Will there be a season 9 of arrow?

There will be no Season 9 of Arrow Series.

Is Arrow coming back for Season 8?

The finale of Arrow should be airing on The CW on Tuesday the 28th of January 2020. Thanks to an update to Netflix’s page for Arrow, we now know that season 8 of Arrow will be arriving on Netflix on February 5th, 2020.

Does Oliver Queen come back in Season 9?

Oliver Queen Returns As The Spectre

For a brief time, viewers got to see a new side of Oliver with him serving as the Arrowverse’s take on Spectre, a mystical superhero and one of the most powerful characters in DC Comics.

Will the arrow return?

The CW/Warner Bros. Arrow star Stephen Amell has offered to return to his role for one more season, due to the ongoing health crisis. The finale of Arrow, which aired at the beginning of 2020, saw Stephen Amell don his character’s suit one last time.

Does Felicity Smoak die?

Arrow: Why [SPOILER] Dies In The Series Finale

The Arrow series finale quietly killed off Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) in its final scene. After Oliver’s funeral, Arrow shifts to 2040, and shows the scene where the older Felicity meets the Monitor and goes through the portal.

Is Diggle The Green Lantern?

In 2015, Ramsey confirmed there had been talks of turning Diggle into “John Diggle Stewart”. This was referenced in the 2018 “Elseworlds” crossover event, where Barry Allen of Earth-90 indicates that on his Earth, Diggle is the Green Lantern.

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Why did Felicity leave arrow?

Shortly after the season ended, Emily Bett Rickards talked about her decision and said that her plans didn’t involve a return to Arrow, as she intended to take a break from television to do work in the theater [via Collider].

Who killed Oliver Queen?

Oliver Queen (Earth-2)

In the season 2 episode of The Flash, “Enter Zoom”, it is revealed through video footage from Earth-2 that the Oliver Queen of that Earth died when the Queen’s Gambit sunk, and that his father, Robert Queen, survived and went on to become a vigilante known as ‘The Hood’.

What happened Felicity arrow?

Emily Bett Rickards announced her leave from the show in March 2019. Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity on Arrow, originally announced that she would be leaving the show in March, before the Season 7 finale aired.

Is Arrow Cancelled?

The show was announced in September 2019, six months after it was revealed that “Arrow” would end with the eighth season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Arrow” showrunner Beth Schwartz and Marc Guggenheim penned the script for “Green Arrow and the Canaries”.

How did Oliver Queen die?

After eight seasons and multiple resurrections, Oliver Queen has officially died on Arrow. As expected, the superhero who launched an entire universe sacrificed himself for the sake of all humanity. After eight seasons of fighting for the greater good, Stephen Amell’s titular character made the ultimate sacrifice.

What should I watch after Green Arrow?

The Arrowverse Invasion watch order is as follows: Supergirl 2×08, then The Flash 3×08, next Arrow 5×08 and finally, Legends of Tomorrow 2×07.

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Is Supergirl Cancelled?

Supergirl may be about to start filming again, but it will be for the last time; The CW has announced that the show will end after the upcoming Season 6 of the Arrowverse show.

What is Stephen Amell working on now?

Amell is currently in pre-production for his next series, Heels. Heels will be a Starz wrestling drama series, and it will feature Amell as the lead character for the show. His character, Jack Spade, is part of a family that owns and operates a wrestling promotion company.

Is Oliver Queen alive after crisis?

In the penultimate hour of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover (a.k.a. the Arrow episode), Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who died in part 1, returned as the Spectre and rallied the remaining heroes for one more fight. ‘ I died and I came back to life.

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